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Pass the Torch for Women Monthly Mentoring Chat

Julie Petr, Executive Director of Pass the Torch for Women Foundation, hosts a monthly mentoring chat with business and community leaders.

Jul 24, 2015

Guest Bio: 

Debby Routt is a 25 year plus Human Resources veteran. She has served in senior HR leadership roles during most of these years. She is currently the Vice President of Human Resources for OneAmerica, an Indianapolis based financial services company. Prior to mcoming to OneAmerica in 2007, she worked for Oak Street Mortgage, RCI, Allstate Insurance Company, and Boston University.

She has a Masters in Business from Boston University and has completed her SHRM and CEBS certifications. Debby is married and has two children, a daughter-in-law, and two grand dogs.


What We Learned:

  • Why you’re more likely to get what you want when you ask for it
  •      What she learned about integrity from her father
  •      Why you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously
  •      The right and wrong reasons to take a leadership role
  •      The servant leader philosophy
  •      Three qualities Debby looks for in leadership candidates
  •      Cultivating a safe leadership environment
  •      Character traits of successful individuals
  •        Evaluating situations before making a career move
  •      How she creates balance in her life
  •      How she manages a variety of workplace personalities
  •      Strategies to help you move into a leadership role
  •      Why organizations need to look within for employees that want to move outside their current roles
  •      Learning from bad leaders
  •      Building a culture of inclusiveness 


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