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Pass the Torch for Women Monthly Mentoring Chat

Julie Petr, Executive Director of Pass the Torch for Women Foundation, hosts a monthly mentoring chat with business and community leaders.

Jun 29, 2016

Guest Bio

Cynthia Miller has studied and worked with self-esteem, body image and personal growth for decades.  She achieved her life coach certification through the Institute for Life Coach Training and ACC credentialing through the International Coach Federation.  She now draws on her expertise of fashion consulting after achieving her certification through training from Joyce Rosenblad on the Sacred Styling system. 

As the curvy woman's confidence and image coach she helps women connect with their unique beauty and foster greater self confidence so they can step into the life they were meant to live. Her ideal client is the woman who feels too large to show up in the family photo, show up at the beach, or show up in her life. It's time to show up!


Cynthia's Advice to a First Time Leader

  • Get okay with the fact that not everyone will like you
  • Understand that not everyone will be on board with your ideas and agenda
  • Know that sometimes others in the organization will not understand your decisions 


3 Character Traits of Successful People

  • Perseverance - Withstand the storm
  • Confidence - Realize the greatness within you
  • Courage - Face what scares you


Balancing Work and Home Life

  • Creating a balanced lifestyle
  • Create boundaries
  • Compartmentalizing family and work
  • Be working when you are working from home
  • Create a new work environment when you feel like procrastinating


What Motivates Cynthia

  • Knowing her "Why"
  • Desire to make the world a better place
  • When she rises to greatness, she creates space for others to rise alongside her
  • Curiosity to learn how far she can take her business


The Phrase She Lives By

The very thing I am afraid of is the the very thing I must do.


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